Legally Blonde Cast 2016

Legally Blonde Cast 2016

** Congratulations and Thank you to everyone who auditioned and prepared.

FIRST REHEARSAL – Monday Sept 12th – 4:10 – 5:20pm – Choir Room

This years cast has a double cast for the four main female leads. They will perform all four nights, two as their roll and then, two on their off night as a Delta Nu.

1 = Cast 1 (Thur, Sat Matinee)   2 = Cast 2 (Fri, Sat Night)

Elle –  Paige White (1)  ,  Emma Boland (2)

Paulette – Elese Abney (1)  , Lauren Burgess (2)

Brooke – Grace Cowan (1) , Grace Felton (2)

Vivienne – Alex McCaffity (1) , Caroline Dobbs (2)

Kiki – Catherine O’Brien

Warner  – Landon Kerr

Emmet – Payton Nicholson

Professor Callahan – Christopher Abdalla


Kate – Natalie McLaren

Winthrop – Andrew Kline

Lowell – TBA

Erin – Abigail Thomas

Dewey – Ethan Jones

Gaelena – Carly Roth

Enid Hoopes – Hannah Cole

Chutney – Keeran Cass

Whitney – Kendall Hartness

Agrawal Padamaden – Kunal Kapur

3 Salon Girls: Vanessa Knight, Emily Russell, Olivia Laurence

Delta Nu’s Speaking

Margo – Kaylie Cortez

Pilar –  Sarah Mical

Serena – Avery Bowman

Kate – Natalie McLaren


Delta Nu’s ( Chorus )

Katie Bessa

Kiaya Baron

Brindley Eaton

Selah Feagin

Emily Gah

Ella Hersley

Maddie Konecny

Kynan Lowrance

Abby Warren

Shop Owner – Katie Dolberry

Saleswomen  – Gabriella Mozley, Ellis Smith

Sabrina – Kiaya Baron

Admissions Officers – Hannah Yount, Anna Beard, Natalie Vilensky

Grandmaster Chad – Grayson Mousavijam

Judge – Special Guest

Jet Blue Pilot – Landry Diercks

Bookish Client – TBA

Prison Guards – TBA

Prisoners – Fariba Alavi, Mackenzie Miller, Kendall Hartness


Legally Blonde TECH

Stage Manager- Sarah Gillespie

Assistant Stage Mgr. – Allie Johnson

Assistants to the Directors- Caroline Waldrop and Jordan Sleeper

Wing Managers-

Jonah Hicks and Annika Kjellgren

Set and Crew Heads- Kaan Sahin and Jonah Hicks

Paint Crew Head- Chloe Jones

Makeup Crew Head- Emerson Moore

Costume Crew Head- TBD


Set Construction

Lauren Urbin Katie Lowe Femi Omotayo Devin Sharpe Mia Chase Catherine Evins Chloe Jones

Set Construction 5th period only- Kaden Vondracek and Ryan Clark



Maya Dandekar Elise Bell Jordyn Caro Katie Lowe

Femi Omotayo Devin Sharpe Mia Chase


Avery Archer Abbey Brown Arushi Gupta Regan Novotny


Kaitlyn Cole Maya Dundekar Brighton Hunt Ashton Cook Holly Xue Jordan Day Catherine Sewell Alex Perry

Hannah Daniel Sterling Threet Gia George

Costume in class– Daniela Angarita


Ashlan Morgan- Makeup Custodian 3rd Period

Emma Muniz Claire Beckett Maya Dandekar Elise Bell

Hannah Daniel Sterling Threet


Crew Head –Kaan Sahin

Avery Beimer Jordan Sleeper Jordan Day Chloe Jones

Legally Blonde – Music – Accomp

Here is the accompaniment for the auditions. Please visit the MTI site to practice with the original music and then practice with the accomp.  CLICK HERE

If you don’t have the music you can print it from here as well: Legally Audition Music

Oh my gosh (All Girls)

Serious (Warner)

So Much Better (Elle Call Back) Accomp Only


Ireland (Paulette) – Accomp Only


Whipped into Shape (Brooke) – Accomp Only

Pop Groups for 2016-2017

Congratulations to ALL of our singers who auditioned for Pop Groups this year. Here are the singers who were placed in each group.

LimeLight 16-17

Tessa Blasko, Lauren Burgess, Taylor Crosby, Caroline Dobbs, Madison Du Bois, Grace Felton, Alex McCaffity, Paige Rogers, Soli Stubbs, Paige White, Aidan Abramson, Devon Cantu, Hayden Finn, Landon Kerr, Andrew Mao, Dayton Stammen, Josh Terwilliger, Ian York, Arturo Yunt-Pacheco

CenterStage 16-17

Ashley Abraham, Makenzie Aubel, Avery Bowman, Bailey Bradshaw, Allison Brownlee, Madilyn Calderon, Hannah Cole, Ashton Cook, Jordan Day, Katie Dolberry, Darby Manning, Alex Medlin, Geneva Miller, Abigail Smith, Dinah Thadikonda, Jannat Verma